Как подключить дополнительный ик приемник

Как подключить дополнительный ик приемник

Как правило для достаточно подключить приемник к usb обучаемый ИК-пульт для. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it Kramer 11 , Author: RSP Music дополнительный выход VGA от. Методическое пособие для системного интегратора. Сделано для компании Колан в Центре av. View and Download PIONEER VSXK operating insructions online. как правильно обращаться с этой моделью. Как только автономность окажется менее 30 км, на дисплее загорится ряд прочерков.

Page of Go. Page 54 - Listening to music contents of a Bluetoo Page 68 - Using other functions Page 69 Page 70 Page 71 - Setting the Video options Page 72 Page 73 - Switching the speaker terminals Page 74 - Making an audio or a video recording Page 75 - Reducing the level of an analog signal Page 76 - Resetting the system Page 77 - Controlling the rest of your system Page 78 - Selecting preset codes directly Page 79 - Controls Page 80 - Resetting the input assignment of one of Page - Recommandations concernant la fonction C Page - Дальность действия пу Page Page - Выбор количества гром Page - Выбор системы громког Page - Подключение других ау Page - Подключение ИК-приемн Page - Подключение ресивера Page - Стандартные и возможн Page - Основные операции вос Page - О воспроизводимых фор Page - Присвоение имен преду Page - Прослушивание в стере Page - Выбор предустановок MC Page - Улучшение качества зв Page - Функция Управление по Page - Использование других Page - Выполнение аудио- или Page - Уменьшение уровня ана Page - Перезагрузка системы Page - Групповые операции Mul Page - Сброс параметров пуль Page - Speaker system setting Настройк Page - Пульт дистанционного Table of Contents.

For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products and used batteries, please take them to applicable collection points in accordance with your national legislation.

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  • Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference. Page 6 12 Additional information Troubleshooting Page 7: Flow Of Settings On The Receiver Flow of settings on the receiver The unit is a full-fledged AV receiver equipped The colors of the steps indicate the following: with an abundance of functions and terminals.

    Required setting item It can be used easily after following the procedure below to make the connections and Setting to be made as necessary settings. Not displayed when set to 1. Page Remote Control Controls and displays Remote control This section explains how to operate the The remote has been conveniently color-coded remote control for the receiver.

    Lights when a command is sent from the Receiver controls remote control page This page explains the kinds of components you can connect to make up your home theater system. Plugging in should be the final step.

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  • Page Placing The Speakers Connecting your equipment Placing the speakers Some tips for improving sound quality Refer to the chart below for placement of the Where you put your speakers in the room has speakers you intend to connect. The following guidelines should help you to get the best sound from your system. Page Installing Your Speaker System Connecting your equipment Installing your speaker system At the very least, front left and right speakers only are necessary.

    Note that your main surround speakers should always be connected as a pair, but you can connect just one surround back speaker if you like it must be connected to the left surround back terminal.

    Page About The Audio Connection Connecting your equipment About the audio connection About the video converter There are several types of audio input and output The video converter ensures that all video terminals on this receiver.

    PIONEER VSX-1020-K Operating Insructions

    DVD player etc. To improve reception antenna socket. Doing so could cause damage or faulty contact. There is an HDMI input terminal on the front panel. If you find it damaged, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized independent service company for a replacement.

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    All rights 1a. The configuration shown on-screen should reflect the actual speakers you have. Follow the instructions on-screen. Page Basic Playback Basic playback Chapter 5: Basic playback It is possible to check on the front panel display Playing a source whether or not multi-channel playback is being performed properly.

    Page 46 Basic playback Finding what you want to play Switching the iPod controls When your iPod is connected to this receiver, You can switch over the iPod controls between you can browse songs stored on your iPod by the iPod and the receiver. It is not possible to connect this unit to a personal computer for USB playback. Note that some file formats are not available for playback although they are listed as playable file formats.


    Music files Category Extension Stream. Choose from the following characters for a If you often listen to a particular radio station, name up to eight characters long. AS-BT is connected to this unit, a product equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology portable cell phone, digital music Device not equipped with player, etc.

    Other technology device.

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    The Internet Radio list screen is displayed. STEREO — Gives multichannel sound to a stereo source, using all of your The Advanced surround effects can be used for speakers a variety of additional surround sound effects.

    Как подключить дополнительный ик приемник

    Phase Control technology provides coherent sound reproduction through the use of phase matching Interrupting a direct connection with other amps or an AV converter such as an HDMI switch can cause operational errors.

    Page 70 Using other functions Setting What it does Option s Provides a better blend of the front speakers by spreading the 0 to 7 C. WIDTH center channel between the front right and left speakers, making Center Width Default: 3 it sound wider higher settings or narrower lower settings.

    If you find the automatically set delay time unsuitable, set A. Page Selecting Preset Codes Directly Press the input function button for the component you want to control. The LED blinks once and flashes continuously.

    Схема подключения ИК-приемника

    Note 1 The remote can store about preset codes from other components this has been tested with codes of Pioneer format only. This erases one of the buttons you have The LED blinks once and flashes continuously. Page Multi Operation And System Off In some cases, even if this receiver is programmed to perform these commands, power to the non-Pioneer devices may not be switched on and off correctly. The LED flashes continuously. Data Management 4.

    Устанавливаем дополнительный ИК-приемник в спутниковый ресивер

    The acoustic Check the speaker connections. See Making receiver settings from the Advanced The volume increases to the 0.

    Как подключить дополнительный ик приемник

    See Standing Wave on page 92 for page Choose The test tones will start. Set up the network to listen to Internet radio on Adjust the distance of each speaker using this receiver.

    The IP address to be entered must be defined within the following ranges.

    Как подключить дополнительный ик приемник

    Page The Other Setup Menu 0. Page Additional Information Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component.

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  • Investigate the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the trouble cannot be rectified even after exercising the checks listed below, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized independent service company to carry out repair work. Do not try switching the receiver display, then the power on.

    Unplug the receiver from the wall and call a Pioneer authorized automatically switches off. Lower the volume when scanning.

    Keep the noise level in the room as continually shows an error.

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    No picture or sound. Check that the components you are connecting are also HDCP-compatible.

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    If they are not, please connect them using the component or composite video jacks. Allocation Table region. The number of levels in a folder is Limit the maximum number of levels in a more than 8. If such an object is near the unit, Sound from the Bluetooth set the unit far from it.

    инструкция по эксплуатации Peugeot 308

    Page Additional information Symptoms Causes Remedies Cannot listen to Internet Broadcast is in a format not This receiver cannot play audio in formats radio stations.

    The DTS technologies are explained below. See www. Page Preset Code List Page Additional information Diamant Geloso , , Interactive Magnadyne , , Diamond General Technic , Interbuy , Magnafon , , , Dixi , , , , Genexxa , , , Interfunk , , , Magnum , ,